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3 words for 2019

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Creating my Word for 2019 Have you ever picked a "word" for the year? A few years ago, during a New Year’s Eve party, a friend asked me what my “Word” was for the New Year. I had never heard about this, and thought it sounded pretty awesome. I decided that my word would be

Creating Goals for a new beginning?

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I apologize!  Life happened, this blog was oh so very sick, and I have been learning so much! I wanted to reach out to now, because it's a time of reviewing and reflecting,  this current almost past year, and getting ready for the new year, and for many of us Goal Setting. Do you have

Vitamin D – The SunShine Vitamin

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Vitamin D,  the Sunshine Vitamin! Did you know that about 80% of North Americans may be vitamin D deficient? That’s about 44 million women and men in the U.S. are at risk for osteoporosis and other problems, according to Dr. Richard Brouse. Have you ever wondered why Vitamin D is called the Sunshine Vitamin? Did

Sleep Naturally

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Sleep. One of my favorite past times! Not true for everyone. Do you have trouble sleeping?   Do you drag through your day? I use to work the graveyard shift in Juvenile Corrections, and I also tried to have a life at the same time. Sleep, one of the pillars of health, was a friend I

Trigeminal Neuralgia, Face Pain

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Trigeminal Neuralgia... OK, this is a very weird disease. It’s a surprise, and in my case it took about 2 years to diagnose. This is not unusual. People, the medical profession are not very familiar with this disease. What is it? According to Gerald Lemole and Emily Lemole the first accurate description of trigeminal neuralgia was

A Healthy Diet to drop those last irritating, annoying, frustrating 10 pounds!

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Ladies, Trying to lose Weight. Not losing weight. I feel your pain! Trying to find a healthy diet, that works, and isn’t crazy making! Is it possible? Are you ready to end the search? It’s time, now, to drop those last 10 pounds, with  180 Shaklee food based diet plan that actually works, and it based on

What Do Healthy Fish and Healthy Skin have in Common?

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What Do Healthy Fish and Healthy Skin have in Common? Hi, I’m Robin Forster, with FeelSoALive. As many of you know, I have partnered with  the Shakee Corporation, a 50 year old company that has been setting the standards for quality non- toxic house hold,  personal care an nutritional  products for over 50 years. And as a Corporation, they