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5 minutes – Skin so soft and alive – Me Time!

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Sometimes I forget  to take time out for me.

Do you?

On this random Saturday, the house was quite, I needed to do my new Physical Therapy exercises – and being a multi-tasking person – I decided to give myself a facial AND do my exercises!

Sound familiar?

I had totally forgotten how happy the skin on my face is when I use my favorite purified clay masque! The masque sure did wake up my skin! It was feeling like it needed a little something more, some special kind of treatment…

5 minutes with this masque on, and my face feels different, the texture is smoother, softer, newer. I even have a healthy “glow” back!

We would love to hear what 5 minute “me time” thing will you do this week-end.



What is my  favorite purified clay masque?  click here.

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