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Sleep Naturally

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Sleep. One of my favorite past times! Not true for everyone. Do you have trouble sleeping?   Do you drag through your day? I use to work the graveyard shift in Juvenile Corrections, and I also tried to have a life at the same time. Sleep, one of the pillars of health, was a friend I

A Healthy Diet to drop those last irritating, annoying, frustrating 10 pounds!

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Ladies, Trying to lose Weight. Not losing weight. I feel your pain! Trying to find a healthy diet, that works, and isn’t crazy making! Is it possible? Are you ready to end the search? It’s time, now, to drop those last 10 pounds, with  180 Shaklee food based diet plan that actually works, and it based on


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Simon Sinek shares with us How great leaders inspire action in this TED clip. Really enjoy this clip, and found myself watching and re-watching it. So simple, yet so complex. I have posted this on my web site: and am posting it here on my blog so we can comment on his concepts.  

Guy Finley and Upper Klamath Lake

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Talk in the Pines with Guy Finley, and paddling on the Upper Klamath Lake, National Wildlife Refuge was an incredibly wonderful experience. I attended a 5 day workshop in Merlin, Oregon called Talk in the Pines by the Life of Learning Foundation. My morning compute from my camping spot - Indian Mary - to

FarmVille and Shaklee

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Having coffee with a friend the other day, and she was telling me about this great deal she got on Shaklee cleaning products while on FaceBook playing FarmVille! I would love to hear other people's experiences. Did you miss it? Did you grab the great deal on non-toxic cleaning products? Are you chuckling all the

Run – Laughter on the Wind

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Could you hear my laughter on the wind tonight? It was an amazing evening here in Western Oregon. The sun (we lovingly refer to as a UFO) was out, it was warm, and we had dry pavement all 15 miles! Tonight was the first Time Trial of the season. In real life this means that you are

Comfort clashes with Eco

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The Eugene Marathon is Sunday, tomorrow! My hot tub has been an important part of keeping my body healthy to run. Soaking, after long cold wet runs here in Western Oregon as been awesome.  Feeling the rain on my face, while soaking just helps me to feel so alive! :-) My hot tub is sick,

Trail Run

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This trail run was Tuesday 4/19/2011.  The goal was just trying to get the mileage in before the 1/2 marathon! The sun came out, and it was off to the trail for me and my dog!  She use to be my training partner for 1/2 marathons, but she just can't do the mileage any more...