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Crazy side of Weight Loss – after the holidays!

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Fat? Holidays? The Crazy side of Weight Loss Ok, haven’t we  all read the stories about weight gain during the holidays –  that people gain about 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and the end of the year. Gain during the holidays, lose in January, gain in February. After all it’s Valentine’s day/week, right? Get

Did you read it? Chemicals or Healthy?

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Hmm, did you read it? Did you check it out? Do you know what’s in it? Those were my questions, when a friend was telling me about some awesome new mascara that she was just loving! To be fair,  we had just been talking about doing less chemicals in our lives, trying to eat as

5 Tips: Surviving the Holidays or how to lower your Stress

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Enjoy the Holidays Without the Stress I really enjoyed these tips from the Shaklee Health Wise newsletter. I thought you might enjoy them also.   I love the holidays. I enjoy choosing gifts for my family, decorating, hosting and attending holiday parties. Heck, I even enjoy holiday music.  The holidays, though, can be full of

The Truth about: “10 Surprising Dangers of Vitamins and Supplements”

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A letter from Dr.  Stephen Chaney Hi Robin, This week I am continuing my analysis of the article titled "10 Surprising Dangers of Vitamins and Supplements" in the September 2012 issue of Consumer Reports. The article consists of 10 warnings about the potential dangers of food supplements. I covered the first six of those warnings

Shaklee Treat for the Feet Footcile

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Ladies, Here is the script I used, with the links for the information I shared at the Footcile at the nines: Q: How many people have “foot” issues? Are your feet ever: sore, tired, hurt? Q: How many people stop to give your feet a treat once a month or so? Tonight we are going to


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Simon Sinek shares with us How great leaders inspire action in this TED clip. Really enjoy this clip, and found myself watching and re-watching it. So simple, yet so complex. I have posted this on my web site: FeelSoAlive.biz and am posting it here on my blog so we can comment on his concepts.  

Guy Finley and Upper Klamath Lake

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Talk in the Pines with Guy Finley, and paddling on the Upper Klamath Lake, National Wildlife Refuge was an incredibly wonderful experience. I attended a 5 day workshop in Merlin, Oregon called Talk in the Pines by the Life of Learning Foundation.  http://www.guyfinley.org/ My morning compute from my camping spot - Indian Mary - to

FarmVille and Shaklee

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Having coffee with a friend the other day, and she was telling me about this great deal she got on Shaklee cleaning products while on FaceBook playing FarmVille! I would love to hear other people's experiences. Did you miss it? Did you grab the great deal on non-toxic cleaning products? Are you chuckling all the

Not Just a Pretty Face – book review of sorts

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I have been reading, and enjoying the book "Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry" by Stacy Malkan. If you use ANY kind of personal care products - it would be in your own best interest to read this book. It's a quick read at 153 pages. Clipped from: www.amazon.com (share this

Run – Laughter on the Wind

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Could you hear my laughter on the wind tonight? It was an amazing evening here in Western Oregon. The sun (we lovingly refer to as a UFO) was out, it was warm, and we had dry pavement all 15 miles! Tonight was the first Time Trial of the season. In real life this means that you are